Investors increased interest in buying property in Turkey is constantly growing and there are 4 Good reasons to invest in a property in Turkey:

New Turkish Property For Citizenship Law

Investment of US$250,000 in Turkish property for three years can now secure Turkish citizenship.

Buying A Turkish Property Is A Simple Procedure

Turkey has made many amendments to purchase laws over recent years to attract investors. It is now quicker and easier than ever before to purchase a property in Turkey. In many cases apartments and villas in Turkey can be bought in just 24 hours, VAT discounts are also helping boost purchases. To settle buyer confidence, the property industry has also become strictly regulated.

Strong Rental Demands

Rental demand in Istanbul is booming. The exchange rate has fuelled the highly profitable short-term tourist market and housing shortages in the cities make for a constant long-term requirement. Although strict rental procedures came into play where every city and town now has management companies that take the hassle out of new rules and make sure properties are occupied and legalities met. The potential profits have enticed investors to earn reasonably healthy returns.

Affordable Living

Life in Turkey is easy for foreigners. The weak lira means daily living costs are a fraction of that in the UK and much of Europe. Utilities, groceries, eating out and getting about is all remarkably cheap. This has led to expat communities springing up in most popular areas. Affordability mixed with glorious weather, breath-taking scenery and a healthy dose of Turkish hospitality ensures decent lifestyle in Turkey.

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