Start your own business in Turkey!.

Turkey is a country located in Eurasia. Most of the Turkey is in Asia while some of its geographical parts are in Europe like Istanbul. The country is at a very strategic location where the borders of Asia and Europe meet. This is the place that connects the two continents thus is a place of trade. The country also has its three sides surrounded by the sea which makes trading via sea easier.

To start a business in Turkey as a foreigner it is essential for you to know the basics of doing business in Turkey. Some key factors that matter while starting a business are:

  • Your Residential Permit
  • Initial Capital Investment
  • Deciding the Legal Entity of the Business
  • Taxation
  • Bank Accounts, Profit and Accounting

As soon as you enter Turkey and your residence permit is done, VRONE’s team will process your Sole Proprietorship or Limited Liability Company (LLC) from A-Z.

At VRONE TURKEY, we think it is important that you find the right export market and buyer for your product. Based on your company strategy, experience and special desires, our matchmaking team will set you up with contacts in the right markets. We will set up meetings with pre-qualified buyers, importers and other relevant contacts. For these events, we will take care of all the logistic arrangements to make sure meeting your prospects is as easy as possible.

We offer our matchmaking services for both governmental and private organizations.